ModelSmart Pro 280

The ModelSmart Pro 280 is a desktop 3D printer that comes with a print area that is ideal for business prototyping or more complex models in the household. With the ModelSmart Pro 280 you can print models that are up to 280mm wide, with a depth and height of 150mm. This opens up many possibilities for printing large-scale objects.

ModelSmart Pro 280 ModelSmart Pro 280 ModelSmart Pro 280



With the ModelSmart Pro 280 you can use a variety of different materials to print with.
These include PLA, ABS and Wood.


PLA is an all-purpose plastic and is supplied in a variety of colours including silver!

Filament, Filament Cartridge, PLA


Check out our Model Library for wooden model ideas.

Filament, Filament Cartridge, Wood


ABS is a more durable plastic for hard wearing applications. Why not try the white ABS and acrylic paints to achieve a multi-coloured finish?

Filament, Filament Cartridge, ABS


All ST3Di filaments are produced using the highest quality raw material and to the most exacting standards, providing you with seamless and trouble-free printing. ST3Di filaments are only ever created from virgin material, which means it is free from impurities and in-turn won't block your extruder while you are printing.


Here at ST3Di we like to think big. And that is why your ST3Di filament cartridges come with a whopping 750g of material on them! Go on, give it a go!

Helpful Printer Driver®

It doesn’t matter whether the object you are trying to print is large or small, complex or straightforward; the last thing you want is to run out of filament half way through the job. With the Helpful Printer Driver® you get real-time accurate filament levels, which not only show you what remains but will alert you when you are running close to the end of the reel*.

* Currently available on Windows 7 operating system only. Please keep an eye out for updates as more operating systems become available!

Dual Extruder

One of the fantastic benefits to the ModelSmart Pro 280 is that it comes with a dual extruder. This means that you can print your models in not one, but 2 colours. You can find a selection of two colour models in our Model Library. If you select one of these to print, you can then select your filament colour choices and install them onto your printer. The dual extruders will then print your two colours according to the model that you have selected.

Support Model

Second extruder for support

You can also use the dual extruder to print support structures for complex items, or even items with moving parts! The printer will use this material to join two areas of print that are not connected but will not print without something binding them together until the print has completed. See our Model Library for examples that you can download and print.

Z-axis sheets

Z-Axis sheets, 3D model adhesion, ModelSmart Pro 280

When printing on a 3D printer, the first layer of material is most important. It has to adhere to the print bed in a consistent and even application to ensure that the rest of the model sits on top correctly and isn’t out of alignment. Any small movement or imperfection could cause your print to not re-produce correctly.

That’s why ST3Di have created the Z-Axis sheets. These are a transparent adhesive material that is easy to apply to the print bed before each print. Your model then prints on top and when finished, you simply remove the glass bed from the printer (once it has cooled) and peel off the Z-Axis sheet. The model then also easily peels from the sheet leaving you with a smooth model.

So, no messy glue to use and no time consuming bed cleaning after each print. Simply apply your Z-Axis sheet and watch your model come to life!

Technical Specification

Extruder Two (second colour or support material)
Layer Height 100 and 200 microns
Print Tolerance 0.1mm
Print Size (mm) 280(w) x 150(h) x 150(d)
Filament material PLA/Wood/ABS
Print area Z-Axis Sheets
Software ST3Di Edit and Helpful Printer Driver®
Auto Support Generation Yes
Guarantee 12-months
Speed (mm/s) 80
Filament Size 1.75mm
Operating Tool Easy-to-use LCD Control Panel
Illumination Brilliant white internal operating light