Model Library

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3D Printer for every business needs

Automotive Industry Prototypes for new parts / designs
Architects Sample models
Education Human / animal models, mathematical or scientific models; build your own CAD
Advertising Agency New brand ideas, bespoke models
Estate Agents Replica floor plans, model houses / layouts
Photographer / Framing Stores Photo frames
Arts and Crafts Component parts for hobby, beads etc.
Jewellery Designers Prototypes or finished product
Dentist Modelling of patient’s teeth
Gyms / Equipment Manufacturer Branded merchandise, prototypes
Shoe Shops / Designers Finished product or prototypes
Restaurants Personalised cutlery, utensils, crockery etc.
Hotels Vases, wine coolers, personalised crockery
Furniture Stores Personalised furniture
Toy Stores Personalised toys, design/build-your-own
Hair Salon Bespoke furniture (example bespoke coffee table)
DIY Stores Bespoke replacement parts; door handles, tools
Children’s Play Areas Bespoke toys, build-your-own
Kennels / Dog Grooming / Vets Bespoke pet accessories, personalised collars
Engineers / Manufacturing Prototyping
Nurseries Bespoke toys, build-your-won
Novelty Stores / Party Shop Bespoke novelty items, accessories, party equipment
Office Supplies / Stationery Bespoke desk items; desk tidy, tape dispenser, personalised items
Interior Designer Bespoke / custom made home accessories
Souvenir / Gift Shops Bespoke / custom made gifts
Spas Bespoke / branded toiletry packaging
Events Organisers / Arenas Bespoke gifts / merchandise
Charities Branded gifts for supporters / raising awareness
Wedding Planner Bespoke / customised wedding favours / gifts
Caterers Bespoke jelly moulds, cake cases etc.
Hospitals Medical equipment, mock-ups of body parts
Youth Groups Design, young enterprise
Gardeners Bespoke plant signs, gardening equipment
Retail Clothes Stores Bespoke mannequin
Plumbers Urgent tool requirements (specific sizes)
Pubs Bespoke beer mats, cocktail stirrer
Casinos Novelty chips
Independent Entertainers / Magicians Props
Florists Personalised bouquet holders, vases, gifts
Car Sales Personalised/Novelty car accessories eg. Petrol caps, gear stick knobs
Graphic Designers Mock up designs, branding as prototypes or for photographing
Haberdasheries Bespoke knitting needles, crochet hooks
Bike Shops Personalised accessories
Fishing Tackle Shops Bespoke / novelty / personalised fishing floats, rod stands etc.
Museums Bespoke stands / displays, scaled model of artefacts
Theme Parks Ride pictures in a personalised frame
Perfume stores Personalised / novelty perfume bottles
Opticians Personalised glasses frames
Chocolatiers Personalised chocolate moulds
Courier Companies Novelty gifts / branded gifts