Z-axis Sheet

When printing on a 3D printer, the first layer of material is most important. It has to adhere to the print bed in a consistent and even application to ensure that the rest of the model sits on top correctly and isn’t out of alignment. Any small movement or imperfection could cause your print to not re-produce correctly.

That’s why ST3Di have created the Z-Axis sheets. These are a transparent adhesive material that is easy to apply to the print bed before each print. Your model then prints on top and when finished, you simply remove the glass bed from the printer (once it has cooled) and peel off the Z-Axis sheet. The model then also easily peels from the sheet leaving you with a smooth model.

So, no messy glue to use and no time consuming bed cleaning after each print. Simply apply your Z Axis sheet and watch your model come to life.